About the Challenge

What is the CEO Wheelie Challenge?

The Sporting Wheelies CEO Wheelie Challenge gives individuals across Australia the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of people living with disability, by improving access and inclusion and raising vital funds.

As part of the Challenge, leading CEOs, Executives, Business and Community Leaders and Principals spend the day using a wheelchair at their office or principal place of daily activity, to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day challenges of people living with disability may face.

Throughout the day, participants can experience first-hand how simple things may be incredibly difficult for someone with a disability, such as navigating into the office, getting to your desk or accessing facilities like bathrooms. 

The Challenge can make a powerful, long-lasting impact. Participants can use what they have learned to create a more inclusive workplace culture for current and potential employees with disability; along with improving services for customers, their families, friends, and the wider community.

How does the Challenge work?

The Challenge Day begins in the morning with a Meet and Greet to collect your wheelchair, receive training and safety instructions, and hear directly from people with disablility. After that, you will take your wheelchair back to your office or principal place of daily activity for the day, where you will go about your usual activities (usually a very eye-opening experience!).

Have you considered: 

  • Can you access your office in a wheelchair? Are there ramps, or lifts?
  • Are doors easy to open from a chair or are they too heavy? Can you fit through using your chair?
  • Can you access all areas of the office, including bathrooms, lunchroom, meeting rooms, and print room?
  • Can you safely reach things like the coffee machine and microwave?
  • Is your desk set up as accessible as it could be?

You will be able to answer all these questions and more after participating in the CEO Wheelie Challenge!

We encourage you to participate in the Challenge if:

    • You want to join fellow industry and community leaders in raising awareness about what it means to have a disability
    • You want to understand and learn about the daily challenges people with disability are facing
    • You want your business to thrive with an inclusive working environment where your employees, customers and community feel safe, valued, and respected
    • You want to help raise essential funds so people living with disability can continue to participate in sports, recreation, and rehabilitation therapy through Sporting Wheelies

How to participate

  1. Register your interest and we will send you everything you need to know.
  2. Push towards your fundraising goal of $5,000 before 23 August 2024, to qualify to participate in the Challenge Day. Use our handy resources to help you on your way.
  3. Come along to the Sporting Wheelies Para Sports Clubhouse in Milton on 30 August 2024 to collect your wheelchair and meet with other business leaders taking on the Challenge – or collect your chair from one of our designated collection points.
  4. Return to your office and start the Challenge.
  5. Share your feedback with your team, colleagues and community throughout the day (and don't forget to share on your socials!).
  6. At the end of the day, bring back your wheelchair to your collection point.
  7. Attend our Thank You event to meet participants and recognise our highest fundraisers!
  8. Consider ways you can implement what you've learned – whether it's physical accessibility changes to more disability awareness training for your team. You can contact us for the next steps too. 

Who is Sporting Wheelies?

Sporting Wheelies is Queensland’s leading provider of inclusive sports, recreation and rehabilitation therapy. As the state’s peak body for Para Sports, we are committed to making active goals of all levels possible for people with disability through a range of statewide health and fitness programs, industry-leading rehabilitation, and science-based therapies. Sporting Wheelies runs various workshops, events, and programs to spread awareness and improve access and inclusion for people with disability.

Our Purpose

We make active lives possible.


Every  Queenslander with a disability will have opportunities to live a more active and healthy life.


Engage, empower and develop people with a disability to live a more healthy, active and fulfilled life of their choosing.


The 2023 CEO Wheelie Challenge was our biggest year yet, and we're excited to grow even more this year in 2024! Check out some of last year's highlights.