What is the CEO Wheelie Challenge?

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Sporting Wheelies CEO Wheelie Challenge is for participants to experience life in a wheelchair for a day. Your insights into the challenges can be shared with your teams, colleagues and community to build a more inclusive workplace. 

Who can register for CEO Wheelie Challenge?

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CEOs, Executives, Business and Community Leaders and Principals can register for the challenge.

Not a CEO? That’s ok! You can support Sporting Wheelies by donating to a registered participant or visit our website to donate to us directly.

How can I get involved?

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You can get involved by either Registering, Donating or simply sharing us on your socials!

To register, click the ‘Register’ tab at the top right-hand side of the homepage.  You will need to create an account by filling in our registration form. 

To donate, click the 'Donate' tab at the top right-hand side of the home page. Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top of the screen to find the person you wish to support. 

Under our ‘Toolkit’ page, we have many downloadable Social Tiles ready to be posted to your social medias. (Don’t forget to tag us! @sportingwheelies) 

What dates should I put in my calendar?

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The event date is Friday 16th June 2023.  This is the day you will collect your wheelchair and participate in the challenge.

Final Banking date is Friday 30th June 2023.  All funds must be banked by close of business.

Thank-you event Wednesday 5th July 2023.  Highest fundraisers will be acknowledged and all participants will be thanked.  

More details on all these events will be communicated close to the date.

Is there a minimum Fundraising amount?

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To be eligible to participate in the CEO Wheelie Challenge, we have set a minimum target of $5,000 for each participant. But don’t let that stop you. The sky is the limit! Your generous donation will have a huge impact on the lives of Queenslanders with a disability.

Is there a cost to sign up?

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There is no cost to sign up, just a minimum fundraising target of $5,000.

Can I invite a friend or colleague?

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Absolutely! We ask that all registrations are CEOs, Executives or Business or Community Leaders. They will also need to fundraise for the event and meet the
minimum requirements.

What happens once I register?

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Once registered, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Our CEO Wheelie Challenge Team are here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions, email us at corporate@sportingwheelies.org.au 

We also recommend staying up to date with all things Sporting Wheelies by following us!

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How can I donate?

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Looking for a colleague/friend who is registered? By clicking the 'Donate' tab at the top right-hand side of the home page, you will be taken to all of the fundraising pages. Simply search by first name or last name of the person you wish to support.

Where can I pick up my wheelchair?

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Once you have reached the minimum fundraising target of $5,000, you will be invited to collect your wheelchair and entrant pack at our Sporting Wheelies Brisbane office with the other CEOs and leaders – Please pencil your diaries for Friday 16th June 2023. Alternatively, we will have several locations throughout Queensland to collect your wheelchair if you are not in Brisbane.

Where do I return wheelchair? 

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We would wheelie appreciate you returning your wheelchair to the location you picked it up from.

What if I don’t reach my fundraising minimum?

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We believe in you and have no doubt you will not only reach your target but smash it! However, if you don’t meet the minimum fundraising target of $5,000, you will not be included in the challenge event on 16th June 2023. Your important donations won’t go to waste! Any money raised helps Sporting Wheelies continue to make active goals of all levels accessible for people with disability.

How can I get in touch and find out more?

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Contact the CEO Wheelie Challenge events team at corporate@sportingwheelies.org.au or call 073253 3333

Can I continue Fundraising after the 16th June 2023?

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Of course you can! We would not only love you to, we encourage you to keep sharing as fundraising won’t close until the 30th June 2023. Every little bit helps us support those with a disability. 

How does corporate dollar matching work?

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If your company has the ability to apply for dollar matching after the event closes, please contact the CEO Wheelie Challenge events team at corporate@sportingwheelies.org.au or call 07 3253 3333 and we will help you get it sorted.