About the Challenge

What is the CEO Wheelie Challenge?

The CEO Wheelie Challenge invites participants to experience life in a wheelchair for a day. Your insights into the challenges can be shared with your teams, colleagues, and community to build more inclusive workplaces.

The inaugural CEO Wheelie Challenge

This is the very first CEO Wheelie Challenge and what an event this is going to be! We already have key industry leaders who are ready to take on the challenge and participate.


  • It is a challenge. As Australians, we love to be challenged.
  • I want to join fellow industry leaders in raising funds and awareness
  • I want to understand - we take movement around our office for granted, is this the same for everyone?
  • I want our business to have an inclusive working environment where all staff feel safe, valued, and respected
  • I want to help raise essential funds so people with a disability can continue to participate in sports, recreation, and rehabilitation therapy through the Sporting Wheelies & Disabled Association

Who is Sporting Wheelies & Disabled Association?

Sporting Wheelies is Queensland’s leading provider of inclusive sports, recreation, and rehabilitation therapy. As the state’s peak body for Paralympic sports, this not-for-profit organisation is committed to making active goals of all levels accessible for people with disability. Through a range of state-wide health and fitness programs for people of all ages, industry-leading rehabilitation, and science-based therapies, Sporting Wheelies provides the full spectrum of inclusive sporting opportunities for Queenslanders living with a disability.

What is the Challenge?

We challenge you to spend a day in your office from a wheelchair. Sounds easy? You may be surprised. Simple tasks we take for granted as able-bodied workers, take on whole new meaning from a wheelchair. 

Have you considered: 

  • Can you access your office in a wheelchair? Are there ramps, or lifts?
  • Are doors easy to open from a chair? Can you fit through in a chair?
  • Can you access all areas of the office, including bathrooms, lunchroom, meeting rooms, and print room?
  • Is your desk set up as accessible?

You will soon know the answers to these questions when we challenge you to try them for yourself.

How do you participate?

  1. Register your interest (link to registration page) and we will send you everything you need to know.
  2. Reach our fundraising minimum of $5,000 before Friday 29th July to qualify to participate in the challenge day.
  3. Attend the Sporting Wheelies breakfast on Friday 29th July to collect your chair and meet with other business leaders taking on the challenge – or collect your chair from one of our designated collection points.
  4. Return to your office and start the challenge.
  5. In the days following the event, we encourage you to share your insights with your team, colleagues, and community.
  6. Take the steps to create a more inclusive and accessible workplace!
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